Hello and welcome to the MOVE NOW Community

We are very happy about your interest, because the last days are getting more and more exciting for us, the media is reporting and JA HURRA ... the app is online.

We are receiving 2 clear requests from companies in the last few days, which are accumulating. For this reason, we would like to put these two questions and answers online here.


We are aware of the risk. For this reason, we favour the following approach, but are nevertheless open to your individual suggestions:
You enter the number of kilometres covered and the number of participants on a list of your own - created by you. For reasons of data protection, we leave it up to you to decide whether you provide us with the names of the participants or only the total performance of all of them.

For the << 1.CO2 free finisher diploma >> of all participants from your company, we will send you a recordable pdf document as a 1.CO2 free finisher diploma.
You can then enter the names of the participants individually - or not for your own reasons.

Please send us an email to myinput@ifn.eco with at least the number of participants and the number of kilometres covered.

For most of the kilometres, an invitation will be sent to the respective participant with an overnight stay and an award ceremony on the 1st Sustainability Day in Andermatt CH, on the roof of Switzerland on 10 September. There the honouring by the Federal Council of the Swiss Confederation will take place.

After we know the number of participants, you will receive an invoice from us and will then be allowed to pay the IFN, the International Forum of Sustainability.
For those in a hurry, here are the bank details

IFN, International Forum of Sustainability
Postfinance AG
Konto: 15-280638-5
IBAN: CH59 0900 0000 1528 0638 5

Because we can't track exactly which participants from your company have already registered for #MoveNow, we will gladly send you the start button as a pdf file by email.

You can also download it on the page http://btc4life.com/

There you click on the line your StartButton to print

Let us move the world together, because we move! these are historic days, let us make you unique worldwide.

We look forward to you and your team performance

Your MOVE NOW team sends you its warmest greetings