The idea is that people from different countries move individually on 8.8.2020 and bring their country to the top in the CO2-free "eating kilometres" in the community..

Behind the idea MoveNow is the International Forum of Sustainability. The IFN is a non-profit association founded in 2019. It is neutral and independent.

From which country are the most active supporters?

Help with your personal MoveNow in your country to set up as many Kids Camps as possible.

Take part on 8.8.2020 as a family day - club day - company event - school class day - team day.

Animate everything around you that has legs.

Wherever you move CO2-free.

Every kilometer counts !

The goal is to help together.

With your support you will promote these projects:


Solar powered fridges for Africa

promote sustainability

protect the environment

and provide for more independence in the families


The national "Kids Camps" of the

<< Child's lucky work The Invincibles >>

The camps benefit socially and financially weak families in crisis


We support the 1st International Sustainability Day on 10.9.2020 in the regions and countries

The International Forum of Sustainability(IFN) is a non-profit association founded in 2019. It is neutral and independent. It actively promotes knowledge and visibility on sustainability. It accompanies public events and events on this topic with its active partners and donors. The IFN supports the processing and dissemination of nationally and internationally available information on the topic of sustainable growth and thus contributes to a livable, viable and fair world.