Take part in the 1st worldwide premiere of MoveNow.

Set an exclamation mark with your company for your commitment

- on the GREEN DEAL

- on Corporate Social Responsibility

- individual health promotion

- the personal CO2 footprint

- and especially for sustainability in investment and


Your company moves your country. MoveNow. We are there!

You will create a positive sign in your network and create a sympathetic branding in society.

What can you do?

Inspire your employees, partner companies, business partners of MoveNow!

Be active, move, do something for your own health. And thus, quasi in passing or "driving by", do something for children from socially and financially troubled families.

Support MoveNow with your network. Communicate and multiply the 1st World Sustainability Day on 8.8.2020.

In return, we will of course promote your company on all channels (press releases, web, facebook, Instagram, youtube, app).

And/or donate for this idea and for these wonderful projects. According to the MoveNow motto "Every kilometre counts".

20 cents per kilometer/mile. You decide how many kilometers/miles you want to give MoveNow.

Already for two million kilometres/miles a KidsCamp has become reality!

Of course, we would communicate this positive signal to the whole world, if desired.

The International Forum for Sustainability IFN and MoveNow thank you!